Volunteer with us!

Art City encourages the teamwork of volunteers, staff, and artists in order to offer the quality of services our participants need and deserve. Volunteers contribute their valuable time and energy, and Art City will ensure a worthwhile, fun, and positive learning experience for all involved.

Art City would like to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of volunteers in the functioning of our organization. We need the input of volunteers for the constant improvement of our organization.

    Applications can be filled out HERE and are also available at Art City (616 Broadway)

    Volunteer Duties May Include:

  • Assisting with basic studio maintenance such as cleaning, prepping, organizing or putting away supplies.
  • Fostering relationships with participants by offering support and assistance.
  • Documenting workshops with the designated Art City camera.
  • Preparing the daily meal in accordance with the plan decided by the Food Services Coordinator
  • Clearing dishes and cleaning the kitchen after the daily meal has been served.
  • Packaging meal leftovers into containers to be taken home by participants.
  • Assisting with end-of-day cleanup as directed by the Art City staff.
  • Assisting with certain aspects of special-event preparation, execution, or tear down
    (painting signs or banners, handing out balloons, garbage pick-up etc.).