Outreach Programs 

Art City Outreach brings Art City staff and programming to engage community members at a wide range of sites and events. Outreach workshops are designed for each group or occasion based on consultation with partnering organizations. Funding must be in place or arranged to cover the costs of these engagements.
To inquire about outreach programs, please email info@artcityinc.com

2023 Outreach Partners

2023 Weekly Outreach Partners

  1. Acorn Family Place

  2. Bord-Aire Community Club

  3. Deer Lodge Community Centre

  4. Elwick Village & Resource Centre

  5. Fort Rouge Child Care

  6. Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba, Ellen             Location

  7. Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba, Isabel         Location

  8. Spence Neighbourhood Association/Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre

  9. Plessis Family Dynamics Community Resource Centre

 10. Sister MacNamara BGC Winnipeg

 11. 1JustCity - St. Matthew’s/Maryland Community Ministry

 12. 1JustCity - The Oak Table

2023 Other Outreach Partners

  13. APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) Indigenous Peoples Day          Live

  14. Assiniboine Zoo 

  15. Cabin Fever/Winnipeg Film Group

  16. CAMI (Columbian Alliance in Manitoba)

  17. Festival du Voyageur

  18. Green Action Centre

  19. Greenway School/Evermore

  20. Harrow Co-op Children’s Centre

  21. Macdonald Headingley Recreation District - LaSalle

  22. John M. King/Evermore

  23. Klinic 

  24. Manitoba Legislative Open House

  25. National Child Day/Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth

  26. Rehabilitation Centre for Children - LIFE Camp

  27. Superfun Show

  28. TERF/New Directions

  29. Tuxedo Family Dynamics

  30. Vision Quest

  31. We Rock Camp

  32. Wellington School/Evermore

  33. West Central Women’s Resource Centre

  34. Winnipeg Folk Festival

  35. Winnipeg Pride - Pride Festival

  36. Winnipeg School Division/Mulvey School