Art City Curbside is open!
Monday to Friday, 1 pm until 5 pm at Art City, 616 Broadway.
Do you Need Art Supplies? Or creative ideas? 
Walk up and choose from our menu of take-out art workshops. 
Super safe, the best way to spend time while you chill at home. Free of charge!

1. Drawing Super Pack

Supplies and ideas for drawing solo or with friends. Kit includes a sketchbook, drawing and colouring supplies.

2. Texture Treasure Hunt

Instructions and supplies for creating drawings and collages using interesting textures to make rubbings.

3. Peaceful Watercolour Painting

Easy steps for a beautiful, relaxing painting experience. Includes watercolour paint samples, watercolour paper, drawing tools and brushes.

4. Emergency Comic Book Super Kit

Design a character, plan a story, and save the day by making a comic.

5. Something New Coming Soon! 

6. Paper Puppet Show

Ideas and supplies to create a variety of puppets out of paper! Write a script and put on a show for the people in your house! 

7. Animation

Make your drawing or sculpture come alive!
Supplies and instructions for flip book, stop motion and online resources for digital animation.

8. Something New Coming Soon

9. Beautiful Embroidery

Use coloured thread to stitch a design onto fabric

10. B.F.F. Build a Furry Friend

Sew a new creature by mixing and matching parts of other stuffed toys. An Art City classic!

11. Jewelry Jam

Design a jazzy necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Invent your own body adornment!

12. Beading

Create a beaded patch, pendant, or medallion. Kit includes instructions, beading needle, beading thread, felt and beading foundation, variety of coloured glass seed beads.

13. Prentend Posters

Normally there are lots of things going on! Now is a great time to fill spaces with pretend posters. Think of imaginary event, and make posters using a combination of drawing, lettering and collage.  

14. Cut and Paste Collage

Mix up, cut up and paste pictures together using scissors and glue!

15. Diorama World

A diorama is a tiny scene you can build using the supplies in this kit. In this kit you will find plastecine to sculpt tiny things (people? animals?) and a variety of mixed-media supplies to help create buildings, plants, landscapes, and etc. 

16. Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Includes instructions for how to use acrylic paints, canvas board, brushes and paint!

17. Something New Coming Soon! 

18. Air Dry Plant Pot Project

Model a mini ceramic home for a plant. Kit includes air dry clay, earth and flower seeds!

19. Something New Coming Soon!

20. Tiny Mini Weaving

Kit includes instructions and supplies to make a loom. Weave a small creation! Make a fun pom-pom!

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Do you have access to a computer? A laptop? A tablet? A phone? 

Whatever device you have, this list will have something for you :)

Some of the Apps work on Mobile + Tablets, Some do not. Try them out!

What is Art City?

Art City is a not-for-profit community art studio dedicated to providing people of all ages with innovative and professional art programming, free of charge. Art City’s primary goal is to provide space and tools for anyone who wishes to express themselves creatively.

Art City is located on Treaty 1 territory and the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.


More than two decades ago, Wanda Koop, an internationally renowned artist, saw a need for accessible arts programming in Winnipeg’s West Broadway neighbourhood. In 1998, she founded Art City, one of the first organizations of its kind in Canada. The idea: that community art programming should be accessible to all.

In 2006, Wanda Koop was made a Member of the Order of Canada in honour of her extraordinary contribution to Canadian art, and her dedication to community development through the arts.


We are not necessarily making artists, we are giving people the opportunity to think creatively, and my feeling is that if you can think creatively, you can survive almost anything – Wanda Koop, Founder


To Dream, To Imagine, To Create. A Space For Art In Every Life.


Art City is a community art centre that offers high quality, free-of-charge art programming to those who need or wish to express themselves creatively.
Our mission is to create a positive and expanding cultural impact on the unique needs of the community by:

  • Fostering self-expression in participants, encouraging a sense of ownership, self-respect, and pride in their work and community.
  • Being a part of the neighbourhood, a place that is safe, comfortable, and supportive.
  • Being accessible by offering free-of-charge, quality programming with local, national, and international professional artists.
  • Being sustainable and available to the community day after day, year after year.
  • Being a model for future community art centres.