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Art City's Annual General Meeting

Please join us for Art City's Annual General Meeting*

*featuring our not-boring guarantee ✔

Dave Barber Cinematheque (Artspace, 100 Arthur)
Wednesday, May 29, 2024
12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Come and see our 2023 programming year in review, celebrating our 25th anniversary! 🎉

"Outside at Young and Broadway", our film photography retrospective exhibition, will be open across the lobby at Platform Centre. Come a bit early or stay a little later to check it out! 📸

Free light refreshments provided by Deer + Almond

Art City merchandise featuring art made by our participants will be available for purchase 🌈

Art City SKY BALL Fundraising Party

The Art City Sky Ball is a themed event that will astound attendees with its ambitious design elements and gorgeous venue. Each year we create an immersive experience with a new concept, full of handmade props, sets, amazing entertainment and other surprises. Widely regarded as the party of the year, join over 1,000 guests who are sure to don imaginative costumes that celebrate endless possibilities that the sky represents. Proceeds from the Art City Sky Ball helps support the important work that Art City does in the community.

Featuring Wanda G, House of Gold Diamonds, DJ Hunnicutt and more!

Outside at Young and Broadway

PLATFORM centre and Art City are pleased to announce Outside at Young and Broadway, a group exhibition celebrating 25 years of Art City’s seminal film photography program, accompanied by 1:1 scale sculptures of features of the streetscape captured in these images.

EXHIBITION | 19 April - 1 June, 2024

OPENING RECEPTION | 19 April, 7PM until 9PM

WORKSHOP | 20 April, 12PM until 3PM, Sun Traces: long-exposure pinhole photography with Natalie Baird

Every Monday, the film photography program provides the supplies and equipment for participants to shoot, develop, and print their own photographs in one of the last community darkrooms in Winnipeg. Natalie Baird has led the program since 2016, assisted by volunteers and guest artists.

Since 1998, Art City’s film photography program has created a chronicle of the constantly shifting West Broadway neighbourhood. During photo walks and outdoor portraits, children as young as 6 years have used the medium of film to capture light and make their memories tangible by retreating to the subterranean darkroom to make black and white prints.

Images created in the film photography program don’t depict subjects so much as they depict participants; the program’s highly collaborative nature places everyone involved on each side of the lens. A child in one image, for example, is sure to have controlled the camera that made other images in the exhibition. Photographs of West Broadway–made mostly in and around the immediate vicinity of Art City's building at Broadway and Young Street–show us the paths that participants have shaped in their neighbourhood, and reveal the location and artifacts they deem significant as they dwind through it.

With this collection, Art City marks 25 years of making film photography possible through the creation of a community that brings participants, volunteers, and staff members together to keep the medium thriving outside at Young and Broadway.