Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register in advance for Art City programs or can I just stop by?

You are not required to pre-register for the majority of Art City’s programs. We welcome participants to our Studio and Special Programs on a drop-in basis. This means that you can come by anytime during programming hours (Monday-Saturday, 3:30 pm-7:30 pm), even if you have not been to Art City before! 
The only exception to this rule is our ARTsquad program, which is meant specifically for youth between the ages of 12 and 15. The ARTsquad program does require that participants pre-register in advance and registration opens a few times a year. Registration for ARTsquad is currently closed to new applicants and will reopen late spring 2024. 

Do I have to stay with my child while they are at Art City?

Children six and older are allowed to participate in our programs without the presence of a parent or guardian. If you plan on leaving your child with us, we ask that you fill out a Youth Participant Information Form with up-to-date contact information. We also require that you or another parent/guardian be available to be contacted for the duration of the time that your child is at Art City. Children five and under must be accompanied by an adult while they are at Art City.
If you are a parent, guardian, or social worker accompanying a child, we ask that you participate in the workshop as well.

How large of a group can I bring to Art City programs?

If you plan on bringing a group of six people or more to Art City programs, we recommend that you call in advance to make sure that we have room to accommodate you. If you represent another organization and would like to bring your program participants to our studio, please let us know in advance of bringing your group. 

I am an adult without a child, can I still come to Art City programs?

Absolutely! Art City programs are available to participants of all ages. 
That said, we kindly ask that all adult participants over the age of 18 read and sign an Adult Participant Code of Conduct and fill out a Child Abuse Registry Check upon their first visit to our studio. Art City will pay all associated fees. 

If I can’t come to your program right at the start of the workshop, am I still allowed to join?

Yes! All of our programs are designed to accommodate drop-in participation. This means that you are welcome to come by at any point during our studio programming hours and make art with us! 
If you wish to come to participate in a specific Special Program (ie. Ceramics), we recommend that you come closer to the beginning of the program. These programs have less capacity than our main studio and can fill up quickly. 

Where can I park if I drive a vehicle to the Art City studio?

Art City does not have its own designated parking spaces. Public parking is available on several residential streets within walking distance of our studio. Please take note of signage related to parking and parking bans before leaving your vehicle unattended. 

Can I take art supplies from the Art City studio home with me?

We do not give away art supplies for take-home art making. That said, any art you make while you are in the studio is yours to keep!

Do I have to have artistic experience to participate in Art City programs?

No experience is necessary to take part in any of the workshops we offer! Our programs are designed for people of all skill levels and our workshop facilitators are here to help you feel comfortable, get creative, and have fun!